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4D Systems

4D Systems Pty Ltd is a global leader in the research, development and manufacture of intelligent graphics solutions, offering customers unique, innovative, and cost effective yet market leading modules and graphics processors, catering for a range of applications and industries. 4D Systems designs, develops and manufactures intelligent graphics solutions using the latest OLED (organic light-emitting diode) and LCD (liquid-crystal display) technology available, with custom graphics processors that enable both stand alone and host dependent solutions, suitable for a very wide range of applications and projects.


Gen4 HMI Display Modules

A new cosmetically sleek and low profile design for every graphical user interface application

Micro LCD Display Modules

A perfect solution for any design requiring a brilliance of color, animation or images for any application

Arduino Display Modules

Providing a quick and easy to use display solution to any Arduino project

Raspberry Pi Display Modules

Broaden the variety of your Raspberry Pi projects by integrating a display solution

Beaglebone Display Modules

OLED Displays

Cost effective Passive Matrix OLED displays for any small display project

LCD Displays

Color LCD displays, featuring TFT-LCD and up to 65K colours