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Inductor Supply Inc.

A world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of inductors, coils, chokes, transformers and related magnetic components for the electronics community. ISI built its reputation by creating quality products at a reasonable cost, and delivering them on time. Today, they supply thousands of inductors in a wide range of sizes, shapes and inductance.

From our headquarters office in Southern California to their global manufacturing resources, ISI offers range of standard products with ability to meet custom product requirements.


Chip Inductors
• High Frequency Multilayer Chip Inductors
• Wirewound Ferrite Chip Inductors
• Wirewound Ceramic Core Chip Inductors
• Molded Chip Inductors
• Surface Mount Inductors
• Multilayer Chip Beads

Power Inductors
• Power Inductors – Unshielded
• Molded Power Inductors – Unshielded
• Power Inductors – Shielded

Transformers, Toroids & Common Mode Chokes
• Current Sense Transformers
• Toroids – Shielded
• Common Mode Chokes

• Power transformers laminated
• Voltage Step Up or Step Down
• Low Power to 500VA
• Signal Transformer
• Impedance Matching Transformers
• Pot Core Transformers
• Ferrite E Core Transformers
• Toroidal Transformers

Wide range of Values, Wide Range of Operating Frequencies
• Fixed
• Shielded
• Toroidal

High Current Chokes
• Air Core
• Powdered Iron Core
• Ferrite Core
• Common Mode
• Power Line

• Special Mounting Available
• Quality Assurance per MIL-I-45208
• Insulation Systems for Class 105°C to Class 200°C
• Vacuum Impregnation or encapsulation assemblies available


Axial Leaded
• Power Inductors
• Shielded Inductors
• Conformal Coated Inductors
• Molded Inductors
• Wide Band Chokes

Radial Leaded
• Power Inductors
• Shielded Inductors
• RF Inductors

Toroids & Common Mode Chokes
• Toroids